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poster 3 in a series of upcoming fabricated / potential exhibitions.  more on the way.  

seven months ago i went to mexico for a week, and am now combing through some of the data that was recorded.  i made this little booklet that visualizes the trip.  i hope you enjoy.  

advert and graphic for new letterpress studio

A timeline spanning the 9th - 12th centuries of development, demolition and adaptation of the Tower of London

This is a branding strategy for a local wine distribution company out of Atlanta.  They specialize in small-scale wine producers primarily out of France.  Here is a link to their website we also designed with information on where to buy them.  


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2011 spring atlanta

golf video posters

Hello.  These posters are analysis of a golf video shot by Blake Williams and featuring commentary by David Rackton.  These posters are in-process and when finished posted to my website.  Thanks for viewing.  

2011 spring atlanta

I have a sound installation up at the Kiang Gallery, part of an exhibition called “After the Suburbs.”  There is going to be a listening event, where a 2.0 stereo field recording will be projected into the gallery space.  Drinks will be provided from 6:30-7, and the sound will last from 7 to 7:40.  

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